Hyde Park Festival… WAS AMAZING!

The past few weeks have been insane! I have been finishing my album, getting EP4 ready and playing incredible festivals, including Carfest and BBC Radio 2 live in Hyde Park! I am having the best time ever!!

I arrived at Hyde Park with my band at 9am. It was lovely to have such a warm welcome from everyone. A few cup’s of tea and chocolate brioche’s later Sam and myself were taken over to the guest area, where the Radio 2 live broadcasting was taking place. It was a giant tipi! But not only that, it had a huge disco ball in, it was pretty much sparkle-tastic! I met up with Terry Wogan and his amazing team and did an interview followed by “A Place Called You” live..



The support from the “Weekend Wogan” has been amazing. “A Place Called You” had its first national airplay on 2nd September 2012 – my Dad’s birthday! I will never forget that day – Terry Wogan and his team hold a special place in my heart for their belief so early on.

Sam and I tuning up:


wogan 2

About to start the interview!wogan


The rest of the day was spent watching other acts on the Main Stage and BBC Introducing Stage, My highlights were Jack Johnson, (I love him!!) Cattle and Cane, Texas and Treacherous Orchestra!

For lunch I had an amazing veggie burger… Made by Jamie Oliver!! The food was sooo delicious! For once nerves and excitement didn’t seem to put a stop on my appetite pre-gig!!

I couldn’t get over the level of support from everyone backstage at the Introducing site. We had cool deck chairs to sit and relax on, along with sofas and tea and a lovely fridge full of delights, too! I had an incredible time performing on the BBC Introducing Stage.. WOW.. What a welcome. To hear the crowd singing back my songs was a huge moment for me. My band played SO well (HUGE thanks Sam Whiting, Chris Powell and Tim Kitchen) and I just thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it. You can probably tell. In almost every single photo I have a BIG smile on my face!!

smileIt was altogether a magical day and I am totally blown away by the incredible team work and support. Thanks so much to BBC Introducing South (especially Phil Jackson)  – without them this could not have happened. To BBC Introducing, for existing, What an incredible supportive platform for unsigned artists to showcase their material. I am eternally grateful. Massive thank you to Radio 2 for the continuous support and for putting on such an AMAZING festival in a day!

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Hyde Park Festival… TOMORROW!!!



I can’t even begin to express how EXCITED I am for tomorrow. I am sooooo blown away by the support from everyone – I have had some lovely messages and tweets. HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to BBC Radio 2 for giving me the opportunity to headline the BBC Introducing Stage… Must just say thanks to BBC Introducing South for being incredible and supporting me so much, and to Sir Terry Wogan and his team (especially Ste Softly) for inviting me to perform live on BBC Radio 2 at 11am!

Here is a little bit of info…

If you were unable to get tickets you can watch my performance as a LIVE STREAM here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/events/ed6q2m – I will be on stage at 7pm!

You can join in the fun on twitter:





I believe that you can also see “highlights” from 11pm on Sunday evening if you press the red button on BBC. But that may just be of Jack Johnson being AMAZING (can you tell I’m a huge fan?)…


Expect a mammoth blog tomorrow night/Monday morning about the whole experience!

Now I should try and sleep…  That’s going to be hard!!

Lovveeeeee and sparkles!!

Em xxxx