Taylor Guitars
I feel very privileged to play Kepma guitars. They’re amazing instruments with full tone and wonderful clarity.
Taylor Guitars
I have been lucky enough to secure support from the wonderful Taylor Guitars. These guitars are so great! I use mine in the studio and it sounds great mic’ed up through a Neumann TLM 103, but also live it is highly responsive through the DI too. A joy to play, it isn’t clunky and awkward like some acoustics can be and fits effortlessly into my hands. This is so important to me as I often play very intricate finger picking parts and with my Taylor, I know I can reply on it to let that be smooth and easy, almost like playing an electric guitar.  Expressive and warm sounding, the 514ce offers me the perfect “Singer-Songwriter” tone – a great guitar for my intimate shows. The 914ce is bigger and bolder and reacts brilliantly when I want to play those big open chords passionately. I have the perfect combination of guitar, and I am a very happy to say I am a “Taylor Maiden” for life!
Luna Guitars
I adore the sound of this 12 string named “Heartsong”. I used it on my second album on almost every song! It has such a gorgeous tone and a built in tuner, which is very handy, being that it has 12 strings!
Emma with Heartsong 12 String
The Luna High Tide Ukulele is my trademark uke. It goes everywhere with me!
Ernie Ball
I use Ernie Ball Strings… LOVE Everlast Phospher Bronze!
Hercules Stands
The best stands in the world!!!!
Visual Sound Pedals
I am also very lucky to have an endorsement with Visual Sound Pedals. The volume pedal is used at every gig and is amazing!
Dean Markley
I am proud to use Dean Markley strings!
Thrilled to be endorsed by Roland – I love the Boss pedal range!