I’m absolutely delighted to announce that on Friday 22nd November I will be releasing my song “Atoms” as a single! It’s been remixed by the nonpariel Pete Woodroffe.. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. It’s a song I co-wrote with Charlie Midnight and out of all of my songs, it’s one of the closest to my heart. I know every artists has a special connection with certain songs they’ve written – Atoms is mine!

Many of you know I lost my Mum to cancer. As well as teaching me so many things about love, life, music and nature, she instilled so much spirituality in me. She loved all faiths as long as it gave hope to people and didn’t cause anyone harm. She gave me so much warmth and it really comes out in this song. If you have lost anyone in the past and are struggling with the idea of not seeing them again, I hope this song brings you peace.

There will also be a music video!!

Much Love

Emma xx