To my Roots…

Hey Everyone!!

I’ve been a busy little bee working on the new album, which is almost finished (YAY!)… I have also been working on ideas to do something wonderful for the planet, too! Those that know me, understand my love and passion for nature and all things Earthy. Wouldn’t it be awesome if that could somehow co-incide with my music?! Without giving too much away, there’s a theme with the title of my new album, the movement of positivity behind it and the idea of connecting us all with all the wonderful gifts that mother nature has to offer us! Oh, and of course, with power MUSIC!

I pitched my idea to a wonderful global environmental charity called “Earthwatch” and from thousands of applications I’ve been selected to the final round, where I could win £5,000 to make this dream of mine come true… Next week I pitch to a team of Dragon’s (eek!) and an audience made up of the public. If you want to know more you can come along (and be the sixth dragon!) and watch me give my pitch in London next Thursday 15th at 7pm at The Royal Geographical Centre – limited space available! http://earthwatchevents.org.uk

I’m nervous! I’m excited! But most of all I’m looking forward to letting music take me back  “To my Roots” …

To My Roots pitch