Thrilled to announce that my fundraising story be on BBC South Today between 6:30 and 7pm.

As some of you may know already, I went to as many local infant schools as I could possibly fit into one day and played my song “Give a Little Bit”, danced with Pudsey bear and generally tried to spread awareness to the children about the charity!

We raised a lot of money and hopefully spread a bit of love and positivity at the same time. Full blog of the day is on my website, and here’s the link to watch me this evening!




Emma visits 6 Infant Schools to Raise Money for Children in Need!

Well, it may not have been a 12 hour buskathon, but it was certainly a challenge!

The first school I visited was Onslow Infant School. I had no idea what to expect as it was the first school on the list! We went in for the beginning of the day assembly and they were absolutely amazing!! All clapping along and dancing with Pudsey – it was great! Here are a few of them with Pudsey before we left for the next school
IMG_4559 (1)
We then went on to St Nicholas Infant School. This school is particularly close to my heart because it was where my Mum taught. It was an amazing feeling to be able to go back there and play for the children. They were so sweet and really enthusiastic. I was overwhelmed by the amount of generous donations that they all made to Children in Need.
It was special to see that the memorial they’d made for my Mum was still there. Here’s a photo of it in all its glory. I walked out of there feeling truly touched. :o)
I decided that as the crew had all been up since the early hours we’d make a quick stop off for a cup of tea. Sadly I ended up spilling mine all over me, so I had to nip out and buy a new pair of trousers!! Total FAIL!
Next on the list was Wood Street Infant School, Merrow Infant School and Clandon Infant School. The kids were so sweet and generous in spirit. It was a totally blessing to play for them and see their faces each time Pudsey walked in.
We finished the School Sprint with Moss Lane Infant School. I was blown away – this year two class had learnt my song! I couldn’t believe it! It was wonderful to play “Give a Little Bit” and here them singing the chorus along with hand movements, too! I handed out an EP to each of them at the end as a special thank you for all learning my song and singing so well.
The cameraman Paul was amazing and got some incredible shots. Sam Rommer played cajon and did ALL the setting up – a dream man to have by my side! And Jo “Pudsey” Luckman did a terrific job dancing and waving and getting the kids going… I tell you.. she was VERY HOT by the end of the day!!
I would like to say a special thanks to all the schools involved today and to all the children who participated and made a donation to Children in Need. It was a fantastic day! The footage for this is due to go out on BBC South THIS FRIDAY! – I will let you know when and post a link! You can still donate by clicking here www.justgiving.com/estevensmusic
Lots of Love
Emma xx

Emma Stevens and BBC Children in Need!

Hey everyone!

Some of you might remember last year, when I decided to take on a mega challenge for Children in Need! I performed a 12 hour buskathon, raising £2,000! You can watch it all HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiq00KCQ8FE and I talked about it live on BBC South HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FphuO_8S5jk

This year I have decided to take on another challenge! On Wednesday 4th November (yes.. TOMORROW!!) I will be visiting as many local infant schools as I possibly can within the school day, along with the lovely BBC South crew filming me every step of the way! The aim is to perform a song of mine, spread a bit of love and positivity and hopefully raise a bit of money for Children in Need as well! I hope that some of the children even join in and sing/clap! So far I have a list of 6 schools I need to get to… Wish me luck!

One school on the list in particular is very close to my heart. It was the school my Mum taught at. She was a wonderful teacher and I know the school really miss her now she is no longer with us. The children made a beautiful stained glass window memorial for her which I hope I can share with you all, too.

This is due for broadcasting the following day on BBC South, but I will keep you all informed as and when!

If you would like to donate to support this challenge you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/estevensmusic/


12 Hour Buskathon for Children in Need!

Here is the epic 12 hours, condensed into a 5 min video with huge thanks to Brian! For those of you wondering how on earth I managed to perform for 12 hours, this video will show you… The incredible support of fans, friends and passers by who stopped and joined in the antics, the amazing musicians who came and joined me on the day, the team of people bringing me hot drinks, my incredible band, the list goes on. But LOVE is the most important reason, and to me the most important thing in this world, it keeps us all going – and it kept me going on the day. So let’s spread it as often as we can, through music, through art, through a smile, through a hug. I’m so proud to say that together, we raised just shy of £2,000 for Children in Need through a huge labour of love 🙂