12 Hour Buskathon for Children in Need!

Here is the epic 12 hours, condensed into a 5 min video with huge thanks to Brian! For those of you wondering how on earth I managed to perform for 12 hours, this video will show you… The incredible support of fans, friends and passers by who stopped and joined in the antics, the amazing musicians who came and joined me on the day, the team of people bringing me hot drinks, my incredible band, the list goes on. But LOVE is the most important reason, and to me the most important thing in this world, it keeps us all going – and it kept me going on the day. So let’s spread it as often as we can, through music, through art, through a smile, through a hug. I’m so proud to say that together, we raised just shy of £2,000 for Children in Need through a huge labour of love 🙂