Riptide fun :)

A lot of people ask me what instruments I play. The truth is I’ll give anything a go! On my album “Enchanted” I play acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, baritone guitar, electric guitar, keys and cello. If only I could play them all at the same time live! But wait…

Thanks so much to Brian Cadge for filming and directing this!

Riptide is Single of the Week on ITUNES!

Hello to all those who have heard my single of the week “Riptide” in UK, Ireland, Russia and India!! Welcome to my world!! I hope you like the single. If you do, please don’t forget to check out my album too! I have no label and every copy of the album that’s sold helps keep me afloat. If you like the album, please let your friends know! It is SO EXCITING for me to know that I’m reaching places in the world like India and Russia.. I’d love your feedback, especially if you’re from there. Don’t forget, the single is FREE ALL THIS WEEK so please ask everyone you know to download it!! You’ve got nothing to lose!!


BBC Radio 2 Playlist for my new single RIPTIDE!

Radio 2


I’m so so blown away by this incredible support from BBC Radio 2!! My new single “Riptide” has been play listed! It’ll be available from my forthcoming Album “Enchanted”, which is scheduled for physical and digital release on the 14th October. It’ll also be featured on my 4th EP “Sunflower” which will be released around that time too!!

Please don’t forget to tweet or email Radio 2 if you hear my song!! Your amazing sparkling support on my last 2 singles really influenced their decision to continue to support me and run with this one so THANK YOU!! So much love to you all <3