Country 2 Country

What a fantastic weekend I had performing at Country 2 Country Music Festival at the o2 Arena!

One of my favourite things about the festival, was the sense of community. Everyone was there to enjoy music and immediately it felt like a big family of country music lovers.

I also liked the fact that every artist backstage showed nothing but support for one another. There weren’t any ego’s floating around. We were all there together to celebrate our love for performing and writing music and it felt like such a great community of friends, rather than competition.

We played on Friday and Saturday and had such a lovely warm reception. I learnt a traditional banjo piece and was terrified about playing it because my fingers were FREEZING and it was hard to get them moving to the speed they needed to. I think all things considered it went very well though, I like pushing myself live and throwing myself in the deep end and I’m really glad I made the effort.

My band were AWESOME, must say a huge thanks to them – wouldn’t have been the same without them Sam Rommer, Sam Whiting and Dom Cardell really stepped up and performed with character and so much heart that I could cry.

Here are a few photos:




And here’s a little video of Sam and I warming up backstage..

Thanks so much to anyone who came and watched, and as a result is now HERE!!!!

Big hugs and love to everyone.

Emma xxxxxx