Exciting News!

I have some very exciting news to announce, check out the video to find out!! I will also be releasing a newsletter soon to tell you all about how I got on! Make sure you’re all signed up to the mailing list!!


Dreaming Trees (Official Video)

As a way of celebrating the end of the Enchanted tour I have decided to release the music video for a song which means a lot to me.

Thanks so much to everyone who made my first headline tour so special. Especially my band (Sam, Pete and James), Brian Cadge (videographer) and all the artists who supported me at the different venues.

BIG THANKS also go to every single one of you who showed up at a gig, bought the album, shared your stories with me and made it such an incredible experience. 

I hope you like the video, please feel free to leave comments and share!!

Stu Larsen and Passenger

Great to be back at The Brook in Southampton tonight – such a wonderful evening and guess who showed up?? What an amazing surprise to be greeted by the one and only Passenger in the dressing room too!


At the end Stu invited Passenger, Fearne and me back on to the stage to sing “The Mile” with him – a beautiful song – harmony central!!



Pics by the amazing Asia Pracz Photography

photo 2

I am so excited to be back at The Brook on 1st May… I am going to have to find a way of topping tonight, hmmmm…. I wonder what I can do…

For those of you who haven’t seen, here is a collaboration I did with Stu and Passenger last year. It baffles me that it’s nearly had 3,000,000 views now!

Riptide fun :)

A lot of people ask me what instruments I play. The truth is I’ll give anything a go! On my album “Enchanted” I play acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, baritone guitar, electric guitar, keys and cello. If only I could play them all at the same time live! But wait…

Thanks so much to Brian Cadge for filming and directing this!

Janice Long Review Show

Andy Bell, Emma Stevens and DJ Dave Pearce on the Janice Long Review Show for Vintage TV at the 12 Bar Club LondonHey guys! I had the pleasure of discussing two world famous albums last night on Vintage TV! Here’s the link:

I chatted alongside the wonderful Andy Bell from Erasure, Dave Pearce and, of course, Janice herself! It was a fantastic opportunity for me because I had very little knowledge on the albums prior to the discussion, so in my research I was able to immerse myself in, to *me*, new and seriously iconic music.


WOW, I cannot believe I have just played my music live in Australia!! Thanks so much to Spencer Howson of ABC Brisbane for having me on his special Christmas Broadcast which was set up in a theatre, with a live audience of about 200 people! I did a live stream from BBC Surrey Studios 7:40pm my time, which was 5:40 Friday morning their time! I performed “The Star That Guides You Home” which is from my EP “Dreaming Trees” and “Once” which is on my debut album “Enchanted”. It was also great to chat to Spencer and I was even asked a question by a lovely member of the audience called Julian Creighton which was; “what is you favourite stringed instrument?” – HARD ONE! I love them all!!

Here is the theatre set up in Australia:


And here we are in Guildford, Surrey!

radio brisbane

Here is the link to listen back link to listen back and the audio is here !

Huge thanks to James Rees-Flynn (percussion) and Sam Whiting (guitar) for backing me today in the studio!

I am just so humbled to be included in today’s broadcast all the way over in Australia and cannot WAIT to play live again, in the flesh!

Big hugs and love,

Emma xxx