A lot of you have been in touch asking about what makes BBC Introducing so great and why it helped me so much. I thought I’d do a little blog and let you know about my journey with them.

First of all I uploaded one of my songs to the BBC Introducing website. Shortly after that I was contacted by Phil Jackson at BBC Introducing South, who told me that my song was going to be presented to the demo panel, where three industry experts would give me feedback about the song I had submitted. I received three thumbs up (YAY!) and was consequently invited into the BBC South Studio to perform a live session on air.


It received such great feedback from listeners that it came to the attention of BBC Radio 2. Sir Terry Wogan discovered the music and gave my first single a play on his show. This then resulted in my single being playlisted on BBC Radio 2. For this to happen to an unsigned artist is unprecedented. When I then got the invitation to go and play live for Sir Terry with my good friend Jenn Bostic, I had to pinch myself!


Then my second single was playlisted and I was invited to perform live on Claire Balding’s show and on Chris Evan’s breakfast show..! It just totally blows me away and I still cannot believe it! (Below is a picture of me during the interview with Chris Evans and David Walliams!)


The next thing I knew I was headlining the BBC Introducing Stage at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park.


BBC Introducing is an amazing initiative to allow new music and new talent to have a platform. It gives DIY artists the same opportunities as artists who are signed to major labels. It is SO refreshing that the BBC are championing new british talent and new songs and I’m so grateful, honoured and delighted that they felt that I fell in to that category.