Carfest South


Words can’t describe this incredible opportunity I had given to me by the wonderful Chris Evans last Thursday. I played to 35,000 people on the main stage.. It was AMAZING!



When Take That went on just after me, we were about 10 yards away from them.. It was a really special moment for me. I suddenly remembered being an 8 year old girl on the way to school listening to Chris Evans in the morning playing Take That singles from way back then… I don’t think in my wildest dreams I would have thought I’d be on stage at Chris’s festival going on right before them! Here’s the end of “Riptide”.

I told you I was close to Take That!


It was an amazing weekend, I was there with my best friend Kate and the gorgeous Sam, we had a blast! Thanks so much Chris Evans, Hiten and everyone else involved with organising the event… It was spectacular.