WOW, I cannot believe I have just played my music live in Australia!! Thanks so much to Spencer Howson of ABC Brisbane for having me on his special Christmas Broadcast which was set up in a theatre, with a live audience of about 200 people! I did a live stream from BBC Surrey Studios 7:40pm my time, which was 5:40 Friday morning their time! I performed “The Star That Guides You Home” which is from my EP “Dreaming Trees” and “Once” which is on my debut album “Enchanted”. It was also great to chat to Spencer and I was even asked a question by a lovely member of the audience called Julian Creighton which was; “what is you favourite stringed instrument?” – HARD ONE! I love them all!!

Here is the theatre set up in Australia:


And here we are in Guildford, Surrey!

radio brisbane

Here is the link to listen back link to listen back and the audio is here !

Huge thanks to James Rees-Flynn (percussion) and Sam Whiting (guitar) for backing me today in the studio!

I am just so humbled to be included in today’s broadcast all the way over in Australia and cannot WAIT to play live again, in the flesh!

Big hugs and love,

Emma xxx