I’m still buzzing from Sunday. Why I hear you ask!? I’ll tell you…

I got the amazing news on Wednesday that my brand new single “Make my Day”  made the BBC Radio 2 playlist. So with that, along with releasing my new single with an album shortly on the way, I really felt I needed to celebrate some how.  I considered re-enacting the famous “make my day” scene from Dirty Harry in Guildford High Street, but feared intervention by the authorities. So obviously…flying over my home town in a plane seemed like a good alternative! I thought it would be really cool to get some of my amazing friends/fans to lay down and spell out (using their bodies) the words “MAKE MY DAY” and then fly over, serenading them with my new song! I decided to post something on Facebook and had no idea that I’d actually manage to get 60 willing and lovely people on board to be a part of this crazy idea! They spelt out “MAKE MY DAY EM! <3” which was AMAZING  to see from the sky!!




I can’t quite believe that we managed to make this work but it has to be said a HUGE hats off to Surrey Hills Radio DJ Andy Newbold for organising all the lettering on the ground, along with the help from Kathy Anderson and Karen Hurt. As for the folk in the sky… Massive thanks to the wonderful  Captain Alex Simpson, who did an amazing job flying us so safely (and put up with my squealing when it got really windy!!) and navigated us from the airport to the location in less than 6 minutes! My (perhaps now not so secret) nickname for him has always been MAP MAN for a reason!  It really now has to be said that Brian Cadge is one of the most gifted and generous people I’ve ever met, and he documented this amazing day – check out the video!

I decided as a huge wildlife and animal lover, that I’d donate a pound per person who volunteered on the day to the Surrey Wildlife Trust. So, soon they will be receiving £60 from me and that’s thanks to all you willing to help. Kindly one volunteer has offered to match my donation, which I’m absolutely thrilled about.  WELL DONE TEAM STEVENS! We did it!!! Please feel free to share this blog/video. I’m so so proud that this went in a few days from an idea in my head, to reality. I count my blessings, and feel so lucky to have such incredible people in my life who I can share moments like this with. 😀