Dearest friends,

This year has gone by so fast! It’s been a crazy ride… So much has happened!! Some top experiences:

1). Flying to Nashville and meeting Michael Spriggs. I spent most of June making music and memories, learning bouzouki and writing with incredible writers. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to go over there again this year! I also met country superstar Trace Adkins, after singing on his Christmas album two years ago. He is so tall! bouzouki

2). Releasing Waves Deluxe, with 22 tracks on it!

3). Raising money for Children in Need by visiting some infant schools in my area, documented by the BBC. You can watch HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsfrkC0sF5I

4). Writing the majority of my third studio album with the incredible Charlie Midnight via Skype!

5). Moving House… And into an incredible space… with the love of my life.

6). Buying an electric drum kit and officially beginning my journey with learning to place drums and bass.

7). Doing a Headline Tour, and many many live gigs. It’s the best thing about what I do because I get to meet you all at shows!

8). Securing funding for my next album… A huge game changer…

9). Hosting Christmas for the first time.

10). Being invited to play on the Chris Evans breakfast show again and performing at Carfest on the main stage… Right before Take That. Wow.. I’m still buzzing and it’s been months!

What have been your favourite experiences of 2015? Do you have any hopes or aspirations for 2016?


Emma xxx