Apologies for the delay in the post, I think I’ve JUST about come down from the sky enough to write this, after my awesome promo trip to Holland!

On Thursday 18th I flew out to Holland to do a run of radio sessions. The first one was with the AMAZING Giel at 3FM. WOW. He is such a character and I’m so grateful to him for championing me from day one: http://www.lindanieuws.nl/snacks/giel/giels-high-five-van-vrijdag-23-mei/
I was so excited to meet him that I almost physically ran into him when I gave him a hug! Boy did he have some surprises for me! For a start, check out this video and see what he did to “Helium” – I couldn’t stop laughing! http://giel.vara.nl/media/320705
He gave me a list of the top 40 and asked me to choose a song to cover (along with singing “Make my Day” and “Anywhere”), and I decided to do “Sky full of Stars” by Coldplay. I had the idea to take a really stripped back singer-songwriter approach – here’s the video!


It was great fun!



I then went on to meet the lovely people at Simone FM – a two hour drive away, but I was more than happy to make the trip. We had some great chats and I really started falling in love with the Dutch!
Some amazing Sushi and an incredible pudding that evening left me feeling very very content!


Here is a picture of my room, I apologise for it being blurry… But you actually get a pretty accurate view of what it was like for me, considering how tired I was when I got back! 🙂


The next day I met with a local radio station in Haarlem (not the famous basketball city!!).

It was lovely of Rene (the presenter) to request “Sunflower” – it meant so much to me that he gave me the opportunity to share such an important song in my life with the Dutch.

Amazingly, we had a couple of hours free after that to actually explore! So we jumped on a canal boat in Amsterdam and did some sightseeing.



It was such an incredible trip and I feel so so lucky to have been able to share my music with the lovely people of Holland. I hope that some of you reading this may be one of those listeners who tweeted or “liked me” on Facebook.. I’d like to say THANK YOU for coming to my website and signing up to the mailing list, pleasssse spread the world and share my music with your friends! I’d also like to say a big thank you to all my supporters back home who followed my progress while I was out there – all the tweets really helped my home sickness! I have plans to return to Holland soon and do some live shows!!! I can’t wait…

Masses of love to everyone,

Em xxx