To me, music and art is about going on a journey. I have decided to release 4 EP’s over the next year. Each EP has something different to offer, something that sets it apart from the other.

Some of songs are built from me reaching into the inner most part of my soul and channeling the feelings from the recent passing of my Mum, (who by the way designed the art work, just weeks before). Some of the songs are about my love for the ocean, nature and creatures. Some are just songs about being happy, and others are about getting through sadness. The full art work will be unveiled, EP at a time and when you bring all 4 together, I hope you like what you see and enjoy what you hear.

All I can tell you now, is that through this you are getting me. 100%. No cutting corners, no hiding behind a mask. Just down to earth ME! I want to talk to you, I want to hear from you. I want to connect with you.