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Welcome to my website, oh lovely ones! Whether you like folk, country or pop – I hope my music will resonate with you. It is all written from my heart and soul to convey messages based on feelings evoked by loss, happiness, the sea and my journey so far. Don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list for lots of treats and exclusives. Hope to meet you in person and give you a big hug some day soon. Em xx

12 Days of Waves: So Stop the World

We’re counting down the days to the release of my new album Waves! Each day I’ll post a short video in which I’ll tell you about the inspiration for one of the twelve tracks on the album together with a little taster of the track itself.

So Stop the World

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12 Hour Buskathon for Children in Need – I did it!!

For those of you just reading this wondering what on earth I’ve been up to, wow… Where do I even begin? Recently I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a way to raise some money for charity. After much deliberation, I decided to orchestrate a 12 hour “buskathon” to raise money for a charity I’ve always felt very passionately about; Children in Need. I played continuously (bar a couple of wee stops!) for 12 hours! An epic undertaking, but it all went pretty quickly mainly thanks to all the incredible support I had on the day. I really want to say a hugeeeeee THANK YOU to everyone who came along and put money in the buckets, cheered, clapped, danced and wore glorious smiles!

Along with music, I also encouraged people to come and “donate to paint”. The idea was that people would pay a pound and paint a pebble, which would decorate the area in front of the stage, creating a “wave of love” combining music and art. I felt this was especially appropriate, as my new album is called “Waves”. It was great to watch the painters (both big and small!) whilst I was on stage performing, and it certainly made the time go faster. Thanks to all those who did!

At the 9 hour mark, my whole body was aching from so much continuous playing (today I’ve had a heat pad permanently on my neck!), so for the first time I was forced to sing a few of my songs without playing – a most unusual experience for me, as you all know I’m usually permanently bound to my ukulele or guitar! I couldn’t have done this without the constant help of Marco Frankland, Sam Whiting and James Rees who were on hand for almost the entire day! I’m so grateful to them for being there!


I would really like to thank all the people that helped make this amazing day happen:

Blue Dot Display, Godalming for making me a HUGE Emma Stevens banner!
Electric Theatre, Guildford for supplying the stage
C3, Brighton for the amazing lights
Guildford Council for allowing me to use the High Street to busk and making it really easy for me to get the licences and other various bits I needed.
Children in Need for supplying me with signage and buckets (the courier drove a long way to get them to me!)
Continental Cafe in Tunsgate for the surprise tea and coffee!

Marco Frankland (without whom we wouldn’t have had a stage!), Brian Cadge (videographer), Graham Peacock, Kathy Anderson and Mark Smutz Smith (huge thanks to his other half Athena too for supplying pebbles etc!) for being there with me from the very beginning until the end.

My band mates James Rees Flynn and Sam Whiting, who arrived at 10:30. I thought they’d stick around for an hour or so but they ended up playing with me the WHOLE DAY. That made me really emotional and I am blown away by their support.

All the people who came up and shared their musical talents – Sam Rommer, James Hepworth, Marco Frankland, Freya, Otis, Jon Gathercole, Kate Issacson, Duncan ‘Dunx’ Byiers, Chris Nugent (White Pigeon), Spud Smith, Emma O’Gorman, Jess Hills, James Welch , Patsy (tambourine) – I know there were more, and I apologise to those that I’ve missed!

Thanks to those who came and bought cakes and drinks to keep me going throughout the day! Special mention goes to Belle Rommer (for the coat and hot water bottle especially!), Ellen Stevens, Toby Stevens and Simon, Andrew and Co from Trinity Gate – you have no idea how grateful I am. :)

So, I bet you’re wondering what the total amount I’ve raised is? THE FINAL FIGURE IS………

£1,582.83… AND COUNTING! My just giving page is still open –

Thanks to Sam Rommer for helping me count this fantastic sum of donations!!!

WOW!!! I can’t believe this all started from just an idea in my head! It just goes to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it!


Brand new music video for my brand new single!! GOLD RUSH! #goldrush

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12 Hour Sing-athon for CHILDREN IN NEED!


Yes, you read right. Twelve hours. 8am – 8pm!

My aim is to sing and play the whole 12 hours BUT…

I will be inviting musicians and singers to come up and join me throughout the day so I don’t go completely bonkers, and will send out a set list of songs to choose from soon. If this is something that appeals to you, please get in touch!

Here’s the link to my “just giving” page –

Children in Need is an awesome charity and I’ve always wanted to get involved with somehow, I hope that buy doing this I can raise as much money as possible for such a fantastic cause.

Other than that, I’ll be posting more info about this event very soon.


PS everyone is welcome to come along and support! The more the merrier! Bring egg shakers and sunshine smiles! :D


Apologies for the delay in the post, I think I’ve JUST about come down from the sky enough to write this, after my awesome promo trip to Holland!

On Thursday 18th Bob (my manager) and I flew out to Holland to do a run of radio sessions. The first one was with the AMAZING Giel at 3FM. WOW. He is such a character and I’m so grateful to him for championing me from day one:
I was so excited to meet him that I almost physically ran into him when I gave him a hug! Boy did he have some surprises for me! For a start, check out this video and see what he did to “Helium” – I couldn’t stop laughing!
He gave me a list of the top 40 and asked me to choose a song to cover (along with singing “Make my Day” and “Anywhere”), and I decided to do “Sky full of Stars” by Coldplay. I had the idea to take a really stripped back singer-songwriter approach – here’s the video!

It was great fun!



I then went on to meet the lovely people at Simone FM – a two hour drive away, but I was more than happy to make the trip. We had some great chats and I really started falling in love with the Dutch!
Some amazing Sushi and an incredible pudding that evening left me feeling very very content!


Here is a picture of my room, I apologise for it being blurry… But you actually get a pretty accurate view of what it was like for me, considering how tired I was when I got back! :)


The next day I met with a local radio station in Haarlem (not the famous basketball city!!).

It was lovely of Rene (the presenter) to request “Sunflower” – it meant so much to me that he gave me the opportunity to share such an important song in my life with the Dutch.

Amazingly, we had a couple of hours free after that to actually explore! Bob and I jumped on a canal boat in Amsterdam and did some sightseeing.



It was such an incredible trip and I feel so so lucky to have been able to share my music with the lovely people of Holland. I hope that some of you reading this may be one of those listeners who tweeted or “liked me” on Facebook.. I’d like to say THANK YOU for coming to my website and signing up to the mailing list, pleasssse spread the world and share my music with your friends! I’d also like to say a big thank you to all my supporters back home who followed my progress while I was out there – all the tweets really helped my home sickness! I have plans to return to Holland soon and do some live shows!!! I can’t wait…

Masses of love to everyone,

Em xxx

BBC Radio 2 and Sir Terry Wogan!

Well, how lucky do I feel? Today I had my 3rd opportunity to be interviewed by the AMAZING Sir Terry Wogan at the BBC Radio 2 studios, and this time I brought some insanely talented musicians along to play along side me, too! Thanks so much to Sam Rommer, Sam Whiting and James Rees-Flynn for performing so beautifully today and being such inspiring people.

Thank you so much to everyone who listened, and to anyone who may be new to the “Emma Stevens family” today – WELCOME!! Please sign up to the mailing list so I can give you a free acoustic version of Make My Day – my brand new single!

Here are a few pics from today!


radio2 emma



I can’t quite get over this. 8 months after my last release… My second album is available to pre-order! Out in November.

I hope you like it!!! iTunes have given me so much support as an unsigned artist and I would be so thrilled if you enjoyed Enchanted whether you’d listen to the previews of my new album. If you like what you hear please pre-order “Waves”… It’s a bit of a journey that I’m pretty proud of :)

Love you all. x

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